Quiz Night @ The Margam Deer

Every Wednesday

About the Event

This is a chance to show off your General Knowledge Skills

The craziness kicks off at 8pm! Hosted by .........

Lots of fun and interactive rounds including Picture, Multiple Choice, Tunes, and much more.... 🙂
Are you the Ultimate Quiz Champion?
Will you walk away with the top prize or will you beat 'Ditsy Barmaid' to win money off your next visit

Our Quiz night finishes off the night with a game of Play Your Cards Right!

The popular Bruce Forsyth gameshow is recreated as quizzers play for a rollover Cash Jackpot.

The Rules

During the Quiz, raffle tickets are sold at £2 per ticket and are entered into the Play Your Cards Right draw.

1 ticket is pulled out of a hat at each quiz night. Just like in the old gameshow, the board is set up with 7 cards – all you have to do is say whether the next card is higher or lower than the current one.

Get all the way to the end, and the jackpot is yours! Remember:

We let you change the first card, if you don’t like the look of it!!!!

Aces are always high You get nothing for a pair…. …NOT IN THIS GAME!

Book your table now at:  www.margamdeercarveryporttalbot.co.uk/book-your-table/ or call us on 01639 820146


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